Here’s some photos from past CFC events…

Pandemic Planning for the 2020 Game…


Here’s a few photos from the 2019 CFC event, where Georgia prevailed over Notre Dame 23-17 in a thrilling battle!

From the 2018 CFC event – Notre Dame beat Stanford 38-17.  By the way…the guy in the blue jacket in the last photo is Rudy.  Yeah…THAT Rudy.:

From the 2016 CFC event – Michigan beat Michigan State 32-23:

From the 2013 CFC trip – Miami beat North Carolina 27-23:

From the 2012 Emerald Isle Classic trip (Notre Dame won 50-10):

From the 4th annual CFC Weekend event!

ASU vs. Oregon – 10/18/2012 (Oregon won 43-21) and

Arizona vs. Washington 10/20/2012 (AZ won 52-17)

From the Stanford vs. California game, 11/19/2011 (Stanford won 31-28):

From the Alabama vs. Penn State game, 9/11/2010 (Alabama won 21-3):

From the inaugural CFC event, Michigan vs. Ohio State – 11/21/2009 (OSU won 31-10):