Update after 1st CFC weekend of 2015

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You could understand if someone would have discounted the Golden Gopher’s chances on Sept. 3rd, having to face down the #2 ranked TCU Horned Toads.  Apparently though, the Gophers wouldn’t have listened to them…MN played a tough game losing by a margin of 6 points (23-17) while putting up some unexpected stats – like a time of possession that was nearly 10 minutes longer than TCU.  Had the Gophers pulled off their onside kick attempt after their last touchdown with about 1:30 to go, the game could have ended a different way…

Things did not go so well for the Texas Longhorns on Sept. 5th though, as the Fighting Irish were saddled up and ready to deal with the stampede.  The top-10 ranked Notre Dame team defended their home turf with an iron fist, crushing Texas 38-3.

We can’t wait for the next CFC weekend coming up in early November!  Our tour through KS and TX is gonna be great…we can just feel it!