Change made to CFC schedule…

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Instead of the multi-day trip originally planned, the CFC has decided to make it an all-Gopher year, and will travel to Columbus, OH to watch the Gophers take on the #1 ranked Ohio State Buckeyes…who, aside from being undefeated so far this year, and as noted are at the top of the polls right now, are also the reigning national champions.  The Golden Gophers, at 4-3 overall, have only one won Big Ten conference game, having thrashed Purdue 41-13 on the road.  They’ll need to summon another performance like that when they take on the Buckeyes on their home turf…and the CFC will be there to see it!

u_of_mn 4521099-9366942388-44897[1]   3840_ohio_state_buckeyes-mascot-2003[1]

Update after 1st CFC weekend of 2015

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You could understand if someone would have discounted the Golden Gopher’s chances on Sept. 3rd, having to face down the #2 ranked TCU Horned Toads.  Apparently though, the Gophers wouldn’t have listened to them…MN played a tough game losing by a margin of 6 points (23-17) while putting up some unexpected stats – like a time of possession that was nearly 10 minutes longer than TCU.  Had the Gophers pulled off their onside kick attempt after their last touchdown with about 1:30 to go, the game could have ended a different way…

Things did not go so well for the Texas Longhorns on Sept. 5th though, as the Fighting Irish were saddled up and ready to deal with the stampede.  The top-10 ranked Notre Dame team defended their home turf with an iron fist, crushing Texas 38-3.

We can’t wait for the next CFC weekend coming up in early November!  Our tour through KS and TX is gonna be great…we can just feel it!

2015 CFC Events Announced!

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2015 is going to be a great year!  The CFC is organizing 2 2-game event weekends this year…8 teams, 4 games, 2 weekends, brought to you by 1 organization – the College Football Club!

For the first weekend, things get kicked off right here in the CFC’s backyard, when the Horned Toads of TCU hop into Minneapolis to take on the University of Minnesota’s Golden Gophers in their season opener on Sept. 3rd!

tcu logo  vs.  u_of_mn

Then, 2 days later on Sept. 5th, we’ll be in South Bend, IN to watch the Notre Dame Fighting Irish defend their home turf against the stampeding Texas Longhorns!

longhorns  vs.  university-of-notre-dame-logo


And then for our 2nd CFC weekend, we’ll start out in Manhattan, KS to see the Baylor Bears take on the Kansas State Wildcats on November 5th!

Baylor-logo-new  vs.  Kansas_State_Wildcats03

Then our grand tour finishes up on Nov. 7th when we visit College Station, TX to watch the Aggies of Texas A&M defend Kyle Field from the invading Auburn Tigers in an SEC West showdown!

Auburn_Tigers  vs.  TexasAM Logo

Yup.  2015 is going to be a great year!

Congrats OSU Buckeyes!

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Going into the first-ever NCAA football playoff championship, it looked like the Oregon Ducks had the momentum, having crushed Florida State in their playoff game 59-20…but the Buckeyes of Ohio State shut down the Oregon offense, and took the crown with a 42-20 victory!

Congratulations to The Ohio State University on their historic win!


Awesome 2014 College Football Season!

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2014 proved to be a great year for college football…the CFC got to see LSU grind out a very tough win over Ole Miss at their homecoming game, with the Tigers edging the Rebels 10 to 7.

And then we all got to see the first ever playoff system to determine a true national champion, with #2 Oregon bulldozing the competition to face #4 Ohio State for all the marbles on January 12th…just a few days from now!

You can bet we’ll all be glued to our TVs for that game!

2014 CFC Event Announced!

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The wait is over!  The CFC is proud to announce that our 2014 event will be a trip to Baton Rouge, LA to see the Rebels of Ole Miss invade Tiger Stadium to take on LSU!

Ole-Miss-Rebels-Logo250 vs. LSU-Logo1250

The game is on October 25th, kickoff time TBA.  More details will be posted later!

Thrilling CFC event in 2013!

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Big thanks to everyone who participated in the 2013 CFC event weekend!  We saw a thrillingly-close game in Chapel Hill, as the Hurricanes just barely took the win over the Tar Heels 27-23!  Then we got to see the Seminoles dominate the Tigers, 51-14 in Clemson!

Can’t wait for our 2014 event?  Neither can we!  Stay tuned for more information…


Announcing the 2013 CFC Event!

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Once again the CFC is going to have a double-header this year…two awesome college football games in the span of 3 days!

On October 17th, we’ll see the University of Miami Hurricanes invade Chapel Hill, NC to take on the Tar Heels of the University of North Carolina!



Then on October 19th, we’ll be in Clemson, SC to see the Clemson Tigers host the Seminoles of Florida State University!



We’ll be posting more information about the event, as well as CFC membership and registration soon.  Stay tuned!

Stay tuned for future events!

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Keep an eye on this website for information about the next CFC event…we’ve been traveling to awesome college rivalry games since 2009, throughout the USA and elsewhere – like the 2012 Emerald Isle classic!

(which, by the way, Notre Dame won 50-10 on their way to a 12-win perfect season!)

And now Notre Dame looks to be headed to the national championship game!  Don’t you wish you could have attended that season-opening extravaganza in Ireland?

Stay tuned so that you don’t miss out on future CFC events!